About Us

Without a doubt, a wedding is an extremely important & memorable day for every couple and their loved ones. We understand, value and nurture that through the style of our photography, wherein we try to keep a mix of splendid portraiture, grand imagery and heartfelt natural moments that are frozen in time to cherish forever. With every blink, a moment of love and laughter happens at a wedding and we take pride in capturing those memorable and timeless moments for you.

Nilay Arora

Extremely charged up soul, multifaceted, and holds a versatile and creative visionary towards almost everything. Always wanted to be an entrepreneur so post my graduation (In Hospitality & Management) started up Chakshu Photography & Films which is into wedding photography & films capturing the memories which you can cherish throughout your life we made in India but available worldwide. We started up Chakshu with a vision of making this company the best in the Industry. On the other side creating a social media marketing agency “The Media Bulls “ all were a few of the milestones that I wanted to achieve.

Pankaj Goel:

Grew up in a small town with a vision and belief that every picture is unique and worth a thousand words and a creative image can leave the observer speechless. Completed my engineering, & felt that leaving my passion behind would be an injustice.

So started my journey towards my passion, after shooting hundreds of weddings as a freelancer decided to move into entrepreneurship & that’s when Chakshu Photography & Films came into action.


Chakshu on the top!
It was a great journey with the Team Chakshu.
Lucky to have found them on Instagram.
The pictures turned out to be exceptionally good. These super talented bunch of young professionals captured all the happy and dramatic moments which me and my family can cherish forever. Thank you Pankaj and team.


A biiiiigggg yessss for chakshu photography!

Thank you Pankaj and team for making our wedding a memorable event! Good quality wedding pictures is the ONE THING that every bride and groom yearns for. And you guys did a beautiful job of capturing our special moments with our friends and family! Keep up the fab work!


Absolutely amazing!!

Pankaj is such a great photographer. We went clueless into our wedding, not knowing what kind of photographs we wanted. But pankaj still understood the unsaid and captured our big day so beautifully!


Found them for our wedding on instagram. I immediately loved their photographs on the page and I started following them. I gave them a call and to my surprise they had very competitive prices. I did not think twice and booked them right away as soon as the wedding dates were finalized. 
Pankaj and Team even collaborated with a vendor for Live Streaming all the events and even that was of an amazing quality. 
I would recommend them 100%. I have even received all the photos as per the promised dates.
The team was very punctual for all the events and handled themselves in the most professional way. All the guests loved their photos. I have only got praises for the team from all my relatives and friends.

Last but not the least: Due to covid the wedding dates were moving and they were more than accommodating and helping. I even received updates of the dates they were getting booked for so I could decide on my wedding date easily.


If there’s one thing you need to absolutely not worry about amidst all the maddening and chaotic wedding planning is your photographer and your photos if you’ve circled on chakshu! Pankaj and his team is an absolute delight to work with and to have around on your wedding day.
They’re not only good at what they do but they also know how to get you to your comfort zone.
Extremely helpful, extremely open to ideas, always ready to patiently listen what someone has to say, they’re a supremely talented bunch, who’ll only make sure they do the best for your big day. Good luck to you guys and Thankyou again for giving us the best photos + memories :D


Chakshu is a team where they always find a way to capture your each and every precious moments which asks a tremendous amount of team dedication where they invest their time for us. Would like to thankyou Pankaj, Nilay and their team.
They are very flexible, accomodating and value for money and off course we Had an amazing experience with them. The entire team is so friendly and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It was actually a fun experience while shooting with them.


Our Team

Our Founder - Pankaj

The Camera King / The Kamera King

Creativity is one of the most un-measurable aspects of art. Choice of location, how the clients pose, perfect lighting, and how a team should interact with the clients, all come from a place of creativity and vision that Pankaj possesses. For him creativity is taking the beauty he sees in someone and drawing it out into a photograph, he does this not only through proposing good poses and impressions, but his power lies in adjusting and reproducing the appropriate lighting and lens selections.

 He absolutely cherishes challenging himself to exhaust a pose or a location to get as much out of it as possible, often at distinct locations and picturesque destinations, he plays a game with himself just to see just how much he can get without ever moving his client. Giving a personalized touch and imaginative edge to each and every project is what Pankaj literally lives for. He gives in all his efforts, ideas and passion to deliver the best of both worlds to every client.

 He firmly believes in showing splendid actions rather than using shaky and assertive words, instead, his work genuinely speaks for itself.


Our Co-Founder - Nilay

The Brainy Banda / The Brains on Brand

Want your dream wedding to have a trustworthy yet delightful crew? Nilay is the one you should count on, he’ll not only execute and plan every task with utter ease, but he’ll also make sure that your photography team is the heart of every function. He uses the maximum capacity of his brain and ideas to bring out the best from every client in a very unique and beautiful way.

 When it comes to cracking a deal or sailing a sales boat, nilay is the actual sailor. From day one, he starts micromanaging even little roka day prerequisites to grand reception must-haves – every back-end task is done with utter ease as he makes sure the final outcomes are more immersive than the actual vision.

Simply put, Nilay is passionate enough to make your wedding even more exciting and fun with his charismatic presence, punjabi moves & dedicated work. He is totally a fun sport and all about the aura a fun wedding has.

 He’ll not only manage the work passionately but will also become a part of your grand celebration.

Team Leader & Cinematographer - Sourabh kumar

The Cinematic Captain

Telling a story or film isn’t just about recording the course of action and moments. It’s also about how the images are captured. Saurabh generally suggests the right types of cameras, camera lenses, camera angles, and camera techniques to bring the best moments to life. He has a quite scenic, unique and authentic vision towards the world and he knows how to reflect that through his cinematography.

 What all shots need more emphasis and what shots would look best with his candid vision, everything is already planned and mapped in his mind and he makes sure the team follows his lead and brings out the best of best to make every project, one of its kind. The cutting-edge “wow” factor and “aww” moments, make his work outshine. You won’t be able to stop yourself from complimenting his piece of art.

 Saurabh thrives to put his foot forward and always believes in making all the moments look as beautiful as they actually are for the couple and both the families.

Photographer & Social Media Manager - Saurabh Mishra

The Social Soldier

What is a project, if it isn't presented properly to the masses?

 Saurabh Mishra is yet another creative being at Chakshu, who not only helps in capturing the priceless moments but also knows how to position and present them on social media. All those aesthetic reels, slow-mo transitions and attractive stories are all his well-do-ings. 

A team collects tons of data and content banks to be used in future, but the actual task is to strategize the correct timings, correct ways and correct forms of using those masterpieces and thankfully Saurabh makes sure that our feed looks the most impressive one each and every day. 

Our Social Soldier is always uptight with all the trends and viral music beats, he utilizes the best of everything and allows us to go viral! 

Rohit - Photographer / Team Lead and Designer

The Leading Lion

Creating creative graphics, fascinating invites and awesome designs is what makes a brand like ours outshine. And that’s one of those responsibilities that Rohit has and he executes everything with such grace and creativity. He is not just creative at designing, but his photography style is also well recognised and appreciated by us at Chakshu, where he literally delivers jaw-dropping designs as well as awestruck photographs every time.

 He knows how to lead a team of young enthusiastic photographers with millions of ideas in mind. He leads a team of varied photographers and handles every situation with such ease and zeal.

A creative and leading head like his should be cherished and preserved forever! 

Juned - Photographer/ Light Room expert & Album Designer

The Multi- Tasking maniac

This man’s work is literally huge and different. Think of the most extravagant photograph that could ever be constructed and Juned will be ready to reflect it. He is such a versatile individual with extremely terrific hands on LightRoom. His talents and abilities are so rare and fine that even we go in awe when he brings out the best from every project.

He also designs albums for all our clients and the best part about his creative style is that, he keeps planning the album layout from the very first picture that is taken, he keeps mind mapping everything and on the final day, he shocks us with the final magic that he designs. 

Suraj - Photographer/ Lightroom expert

The Heart Throb

Lightroom is not just an ordinary tool to work on and our stunning Suraj is an absolute expert at it. He is so proficient at processing large batches of photos en masse, and he leverages the perfect blend of all filters, modes and almost everything to deliver the most amazing photograph ever.

 And when it comes to his photography style, he is an incredibly talented human with such inhuman and out of this world skills that sometimes we doubt our own skills. Not just at work, he literally wins over every client and their family. His kind and loving personality adores and enlightens everyone around him, once your family meets him, he’ll become a part of you and not ours.

Tushar - Photographer

The Sweet Heart

A keen learning with so much potential to win hearts, people and even massive opportunities. Tushar is a bit of a sweet - simple - swami type ka…. And probably the most naive when it comes to playing clever. Our entire team loves his innocence and tries to adapt some of his pure actions.

Anmol - Photographer, Editor, & Lightning expert

The Precious Pearl

When everyone goes silent, Anmol’s photography speaks and he never stops there… then he comes with more of his abilities like exquisite editing and lightroom learnings. Anmol is actually very anmol for all of us at Chakshu, he handles so many projects and clients without a single frown which makes us go gaga over him.

Shubham - Cinematographer

The Final Filmmaker

As an amazingly skilled and professional video editor, Shubham manages almost everything including camera footage, sound, minor, yet important dialogues/ talks, sound effects, graphics and special effects to produce the final magical product.

Without a doubt, this is an essential and important role in the post-production process and his skills are actually determined and are evident in the quality and delivery of the finished result, he blows off our minds and hearts. His absolutely jaw dropping skills at Final- Cut- Pro makes us go crazy as he is the best at it. 

Himanshu - Cinematographer (Groom Expert)

The Groom Genius

Any wedding, engagement, reception and even pre-wedding photoshoot is pointless without a Graceful Groom for that matter. Our hero hair Himanshu is an absolute sorcerer at making our groom feel at ease and bringing out the best from his poses.

A cinematic experience that you’ll experience with Himanshu is completely out of this world. His videos give an angle to the day, an artistic style. Gone are those days when a man with a camera and a big yellow focus light kept the camera rolling all day. Today wedding photography and cinematography are all about telling stories and making the bride & groom feel on top of this world. 

Saurabh Bhusan - Cinematographer & Gimble Expert

The Gimble Ginnie

When shooting a cinematic video of an enthusiastic crowd with millions of dance moves, smiles, laughter and movements, stability, clarity and range of motion is critical to nailing the shot. That’s where Saurabh & his gimbal comes in.

From making the videos as stable as a rock to giving the best dance moves on the dance floor too, Saurabh is indeed a Mehfil Ki Jaan! He can and he will definitely steal the show with his work and twerk! 

Jyoti Saini - The Finance manager

The Money Master

A Financial Manager like Jyoti is truly a blessing to have. She has been helping us with almost everything from managing funds to budgeting and whatnot. She is solely responsible for the financial health at Chakshu.

She creates accurate and systematic data analysis and advises all of us on profit-maximizing ideas to ensure long-term success for all of us. Her reports are so thorough that we cannot even doubt a single penny spent.